Honda HSS928CTD

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The HSS928ACTD features Honda’s latest snowblower technologies for improved performance in a full-featured, dual-stage snowblower.



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Highlights – 

  • Drive Type- Hydrostatic transmission (HST)
  • Starter- Standard (Back-up)
  • Clearing Width- 71.0 cm (28 in.)
  • Tons per hour- Up to 52 metric tons/hr (57 tons/hr)

Features –

  • 12 VDC electric start with manual recoil as backup
  • Electric two-step chute with Honda exclusive “joystick” control
  • Shear bolt guard system and hour meter
  • Dual-stage, track drive, 71 cm (28 in.) clearing width
  • Clear up to 52 metric tons (up to 57 tons) of snow per hour† and throw it up to 16 metres (52.5 ft.)†
  • Power LED headlight
  • Built-in icing guard design prevents icing in the carburetor and provides better access to the carburetor drain bolt and fuel cut-off lever
Discharge Type
Axle Type
Track drive
Drive Type
Hydrostatic transmission (HST)
Transmission Oil Capacity
1.9 Litre
Infinitely variable
Clearing Width
71 cm (28 in.)
Maximum Ground Speed
Forward: 66 m/min. (216.5 ft./min)
Reverse: 48 m/min. (157.5 ft./min)
Intake Housing Height
55 cm (21.7 in.)
Auger Diameter
35.5 cm (14 in.)
Auger Type
Steel serrated (Spiral)
Auger Drive
Belt driven shaft
Auger Transmission
Screw gear
Auger Oil Capacity
0.15 Litre (5.3 fl. Imp. oz.)
Auger Height Adjustment
Gas assist
Chute Turning Radius
198 °(95° Left, 103° Right)
Chute Rotation
Remote electric “Joystick” control
Deflection Control
Remote electric “Joystick” control
Chute Material
Maximum Throw Distance†
16 m (52.5 ft.)
Clearing Snow Volume Capacity (Approximate)†
Up to 52 metric tons/hr (57 tons/hr)
Engine Type
Honda GX270T2, 4-stroke, OHV, single-cylinder
270 cc (16.5 CID)
Ignition System
CDI magneto
Recoil Starter
Standard (Back-up)
Electric Starter
Standard 12 VDC type
Lubrication System
Forced splash
Oil Capacity
1.1 Litre (38.7 fl. Imp. oz.)
Recommended Oil
SAE 5W30 API service classification SJ or later
Recommended Oil
SAE 75W90 GL-5
Recommended Oil
SAE 5W30 API service classification SJ or later
Recommended Fuel
Unleaded gasoline (Pump octane rating 86 or higher)
Fuel Tank Capacity
5.3 Litres (1.17 Imp. gal.)
Operational Time per Tankful*
2.3 hours
Wheel/Tire Size
Overall Length
148.5 cm (58.5 in.)
Overall Width
73.5 cm (28.9 in.)
Overall Height
123 cm (48.4 in.)
Dry Weight
125 kg (275.6 lbs.)
Lighting Coil
Work Light
Distributor’s Warranty (non-commercial use)
Distributor’s Warranty (commercial use)

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