Services – Rentals

All rentals require a service deposit on a valid  major Credit Card.

Daily rentals = 24 hours, Weekend Friday 5:00PM – Monday 10:00AM

All equipment must be returned in good working condition, normal wear and tear expected.

Repair charges will apply at published shop labour rates plus parts at cost

All rental rates are exclusive of HST

Item # Item Name Current Price
Daily Rental Lawn Mower $30.00
Daily MS250 w 16″ $30.00
Weekend MS250 w 16″ $65.00
Daily BE Pressure Washer 2700lbs $30.00
Weekend BE Pressure Washer 2700lbs $55.00
Weekly BE Pressure Washer 2700lbs $125.00
Daily GT2000 Curve Shaft Trimmer $40.00
Weekend GT2000 Curve Shaft Trimmer $65.00
Weekly GT2000 Curve Shaft Trimmer $160.00