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” We believe in educating the customer with or without purchase “

Located at 2624 Royal Windsor Drive, Unit #2 in Mississauga, Current Power Machinery is founded on providing excellence in service for our customers in Toronto, Mississauga and Oakville.

We believe in educating the customer with or without purchase, so that they may operate their machinery with confidence. We carry top quality brands to meet all your lawn and garden maintenance needs for both home owners and professional landscape contractors.

Our Master Technicians in our Small Engine Shop provide you with complete diagnostics, maintenance and high quality repairs to your equipment, for all of the brands that we carry and many other manufactures equipment. (Services & Repairs)


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We carry the top quality brands available in Canada for your lawn and garden equipment needs. We would be more than happy to help you choose the best tool to suit your needs. We would be happy to order any other products you may require.

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We are proud to represent the following Lawn and Garden product lines. We carry the most common models in stock at all times and can source all other products from these suppliers.

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Below are some tips for the operation and basic maintenance for your equipment:

  1. Make sure you clearly mark your gas cans with an indelible marker to distinguish between straight gas and oil/gas mix. The number one cause of damage to 2-cycle equipment is using straight gas. Severe damage can occur in as little as 90 seconds to these engines.
  2. Where possible use premium gas, preferably Shell 91, as these mixes contain little to no ethanol. Ethanol is a gas additive that is not recommended for small engines. The ethanol is very corrosive and can damage the small rubber and flexible synthetic gaskets and diaphragms in the carburetors of small engines. Ethanol also accelerates the degradation of gas. The more ethanol in the gas the shorter the shelf life.
  3. Always use a quality 2-cycle oil when mixing oil and gas for 2-cycle engines. Poor quality oil will cause excessive wear on engine components and may void manufacturer’s warranties.

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