Honda HHT2525SL

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Honda 25cc 4-stroke engine
Runs on straight, unleaded gas (no mixing)
17″ Semi-matic (bump feed) head with Ultra Quiet® line



Pay Over Time


Easy starting, 4-stroke Honda engine

The Honda Quick Start system offers a quick, easy start. No hassle. No fuss. Every time.


Runs on regular gas – no mixing!

Honda's 25cc mini 4-stroke engine runs on straight, unleaded gas. No need to mix gas and oil!

Quick acceleration and excellent torque for demanding jobs

Designed to take on thick grass and heavy brush without bogging down. Strong low-end torque characteristics allow many jobs to be performed at partial throttle, increasing fuel efficiency.


Fuel efficient design

Highly fuel efficient design costs less to operate – up to 50% less than a two-stroke trimmer!


Comfortable loop handle design

Vibration dampening design makes the HHT25SLTA more comfortable to operate.


Durable flex shaft with limited lifetime warranty

Flex shaft with limited lifetime warranty for increased durability and superior shock absorption

Deflector designed to provide increased operator visibility


Equipped with an automatic line cutter.


Solid trigger design for increased durability


17" Semi-matic bump feed head, with Ultra Quiet® line

Ultra Quiet® line significantly reduces the trimmer's noise level.


Lightweight – only 13.1 lbs!

The HHT25SLTA is Honda's lightest trimmer, thanks in part to the use of the world's lightest 4-stroke 25 cc engine.


Less smoke and odor

4-strokes don't burn oil like a two-stroke engine. Which means there's less smell and no smoke – and less headache for you.


Ergonomically designed and positioned controls

Balance and maneuverability are superb due to the optimization of the engine’s center of gravity, as well as the location of the throttle assembly and loop handle.


Lower vibration for more comfortable operation

The GX25 creates less vibration than comparable engines to minimize operator fatigue.


Use and store in any position

Unique 360 degree inclinable engine can be used and stored in any position.





1.53 cu. in.(25cc)


Unleaded Gasoline (86 Octane or higher)

Fuel Tank Capacity

16.9 fl.oz.


Diaphragm Type w/Fuel Pump

Idle Speed

3,100 + 200 rpm

Max.(no load) RPM

10,000 rpm (without cutting head)

Dimensions (LxWxH)

73.5 in. x 12.7 in. x 9.6 in.

Dry Weight

12.3 lb (w/o head)
13.1 lb. (with head)

Engine Stop Switch

Slide Type Switch

Throttle control

Two Motion Trigger

Main Pipe Diameter

1.0 in. (25.4mm)

Main Pipe Thickness

.06 in. (Aluminum)

Drive Shaft

Flexible Steel Cable

Shaft Support

Nylon Support Sleeve

Gear Ratio



Loop Type

Cutting Head

Semi-matic Feed-Nylon

Line Type

Ultra Quiet

Cutting Width


Single Harness


Double Harness

Optional (must be used with all blade applications)

Steel Blade

9 inch Blade Optional (requires barrier kit)

Blade Barrier Kit

Optional (must be used with all blade applications)

Residential Warranty

2 years

Commercial Warranty

1 year

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