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Keeping your Honda fit is an important part of maintaining the added quality, reliability and performance of your Honda Power Equipment. If you do not have the required accessories or awareness to perform your maintenance, don’t trust your product to strangers, Contact an authorized Honda retailer. Current Power Machinery is a leading supplier for Honda lawn mowers & gardening equipment in Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto & Burlington. We are Experts in Lawn & Garden Equipment & Services & carry the top quality brands available in Canada for your lawn and garden equipment requirements.


Improper fuel maintenance is the primary cause of starting difficulties, unstable RPM and poor performance. Depending on conditions, fuel issues can be prevented somewhat by adding fuel stabilizer to the fuel system and draining the carburetor. The fuel tank and/or fuel filter also require periodic inspection for rust and other forms of contamination. Fuel lines should also be checked for signs of cracking due to age and replaced if necessary. We recommend that you refer to your fuel recommendations or contact your local Honda Power Equipment dealer for more information


A sharper blade equals faster and better grass cutting quality. Worn blades could slow grass cutting and tear grass instead of cutting it. Honda genuine lawnmower blades feature a sharpening limit indicator for required blade replacement to maintain cutting quality and avoid weakening blades. Also replace blades upon any signs of cracks or pitting


Excess mower vibration and engine starting problems may be experienced if blade bolts or control cables require adjustment. These symptoms can also occur if the blade is damaged or unbalanced. Without the required tools or knowledge to perform such maintenance, it is recommended to visit an authorized Honda dealer for adjustment or blade sharpening.


If your lawnmower is equipped with a grass bag, it is important to clean it in order to maintain its quality and performance, allowing it to breathe in order to suck grass clippings from the blades into the bag. Wash it using water directed from the outside towards the inside of the bag, do not wash using high-pressure water or steam jet as it may cause damage. Allow it to completely dry before next use.


Oil changes can affect the performance and service life of your Honda. Responsible for lubricating and protecting internal engine components subject to extreme pressure, it’s important to check engine oil levels before each use, with the engine stopped on a level surface. Avoid improper maintenance or contamination with oil changes performed by an authorized Honda retailer using the recommended genuine Honda Power Equipment engine oil


Clean air filters equal longer engine life and improved performance while protecting against dirt, debris and premature engine wear. Dirty air filters restrict airflow to the carburetor, affecting engine performance and durability. If you operate the mower in very dusty conditions, clean and/or replace the air filter more often than specified in the Maintenance Schedule.


The spark plug is what “fires” the engine of your lawnmower. A malfunctioning spark plug may cause many symptoms including hard starting, misfire, lack of power, and black exhaust smoke. The spark plug should be inspected for cracks or chips. Visit an authorized Honda retailer for replacement spark plugs.Current Power Machinery parts department ensures that we have stock of all of the common maintenance items on hand at all times. Our staff is very experienced at sourcing unusual and rare parts to support your equipment needs.

Availability of all leading small engine parts for Honda at Current Power Machinery Store servicing Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville & Burlington to support your equipment needs

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